“When life throws you lemons… use them to make lemonade“ - this is how the story about LemonVille has began. Throughout life, and particularly in times of adversity and challenges, it is vital to keep looking for a brighter side, find beauty in every opportunity and work hard to grow your own tree garden.

Two sisters, who traveled the world, and are devoted beauty lovers with an artistic streak, decided to launch own collection of makeup that would inspire people with diverse background to go over and beyond, to create, to be unique, to express yourself, and to connect with the world!

LemonVille brand is established in United Arab Emirates, but we work with our partners across the world to design and deliver the best product and experience that embraces creativity and quality in one.

LemonVille is a perfect way to push your boundaries in the way you feel and look, and a great opportunity for newbies to start this beauty journey. Explore and enjoy the colors and textures of our product to reflect who you are, to unveil your inner beauty, and to brighten world around you!